Our lives were saved by Rock and Roll. This project is the result of our passion for the Lou Reed catalogue in general and the album Magic and Loss in
At our live shows we pay tribute to the great man and his music by performing the song cycle from beginning to end, along with other gems from Lou Reed’s vast oeuvre. We opted for an intimate setting of vocals, guitar, bass, chello and a little percussion here and there.
Our aim was not to produce a replica of the record, which would have been an impossible task anyway, but rather interpret one of our favorite concept albums in our own, hopefully interesting way.
As Lou himself would say, there’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out. We hope you are willing to find both in this heartfelt homage.

Christian Faschka

Joan Rodríguez

Dídac Ledesma

Marc Roig

APE Music Entertainment + BadeWebs